Did you ever learn how to harness your feminine power?
Or embrace & expand the full range of your emotions?
Day in, day out, do you live & breathe as the sensual aliveness that you inherently are?


Most of us didn’t. Learning to live inside a feminine body – in this masculine-go-go-driven-world is an education that’s sadly undervalued.

Most women develop strong skills in doing, working-hard & taking the logical steps towards success. Until we get to the (inevitable cross-roads) where we begin to ask ourselves the hard questions…

Why am I living this way?
What do I truly want?
How can I live as more of my fullest self?

I’ve found myself at those crossroads, more than once. And I know that the only way to navigate forward in life, is with my full, deep emotionally empowered & sensually alive self in the driver’s seat.

Welcome! I’m Jenna Ward, Feminine Embodiment Coach / ex-over-doer & under-feeler, I know what it’s like to…

  • Feel stuck in my head, thinking & over-analyzing all the time
  • Feel numb to the deep currents of knowing in my body
  • Feel confused & unsure about which direction to take my life in
  • Unable to crack my heart open & safely feel the full capacity of my emotions
  • Substitute being-busy & substituting sugar for real-substance in my life
  • Feel sensually asleep & only accessing run-of-the-mill-pleasure
  • Work really, really hard for everything I desired…

It’s no way to live, despite being the ‘norm’ for most women.

But women like you & I are not willing to settle.

We can no longer ignore the deep longing & knowing that there is MORE available to us. We will not continue to play small, diminished & believe the stories that we’re “not enough”.

Women like you & I, desire to inhabit ourselves fully.

We desire to intimately know & feel empowered by our emotions. To embrace & expand our pleasure and sensual aliveness. To inhabit this body fully & let it guide us deeper into sincere decisions & the full birthright of our feminine gifts.

To support you to navigate into your own feminine world & cultivate the skills required to radiantly thrive there – we’ve created The Embodied Woman Program. A personal training program of feminine embodiment for women.

You’re invited to learn & embed the feminine skill of living life & making decisions as an embodied woman.

A woman who doesn’t follow the “script” of “shoulds.”
A woman free to embrace her full spectrum & depths of emotions.
A woman who lets her body lead.
A woman who is turned on by life.
A woman who is magnetic.

The Embodied Woman Program is an 8-week online experience for women ready to get in to the driver’s seat of their lives.

Our community spans 5 continents with over 100+ women from 19 countries (and growing),
So you can rest assured these teachings & experience work.

What will I learn & experience?

We’re all about EMBODIMENT. Meaning, yes, your beautiful brain will receive some delicious theory, but most importantly we’re going to support you to somatically experience & integrate the skills for living life the embodied way.

This isn’t just another book or concept to read, this is an invitation to become your own living, breathing wisdom.

Over 6 self-paced modules, you’ll move through the 6 key feminine skills & become the living, breathing embodiment of
worth, power, sensuality, purpose & magnetism (in your unique & sincere way).

Here’s an overview of our 6 modules & a snapshot of what you’ll receive…

Module 1: Feminine Fuel

Re-discovering embodied worth & enough-ness

  • Get clear on the 3 core lies that keep us feeling ‘not quite there’ & ‘never enough’
  • Learn the language of your emotional depth & internal felt senses so you can live as a full spectrum woman
  • Explore & cultivate your inner feminine energy dynamics
Module 2: Emotionally Empowered

Navigate the contours of your heart & make deep decisions

  • Learn the 5 Contours of the Heart & how to move through its terrain somatically
  • Experience what numbness, anger & frustration are really trying to tell you
  • Understand analysis paralysis, procrastination & why we get stuck making decisions (and what to do about it)
Module 3: Create Empowering Beliefs

Re-wire the stories that keep you small + activate authentic confidence

  • Learn the #1 mistake that makes most attempts at ‘changing your thoughts’ fail
  • Discover how to identify your limiting beliefs + quickly upgrade them to empowering truths
  • Learn the powerful 3-step-process to re-write your thoughts (forever)
Module 4: The Power of Pleasure

Awaken your feminine super power + reconnect with your delicious body

  • Reconnect with your body, claim your imperfections at the physical level and discover your sensual side
  • Awaken your inner sensual side and explore the power of your womb
  • Learn to desire yourself, and activate a treasure trove of permission, power + confidence
Module 5: Sensual Shadow

Activate your wild side & harness the full power of your womb

  • Pleasure & sensuality isn’t all polite – explore your darker, wild side of sensuality
  • Meet your inner destructive essence & learn how to let go with your inner “safety net”
  • Access & learn to move as the intrinsically confident, instinctual aspect of self
Module 6: Magnetism

Moving forward with aligned feminine action

  • Learn the feminine form of manifesting, known as magnetism
  • Understand why the energy of working hard often repels what you truly desire
  • Learn the four-step process to dancing with your own magnetic power

“The embodied woman course exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure how much an online course would be able to impact my life but I was so wrong.

As you navigate through the modules, you feel like Jenna is right there holding your hand, cheering you on.

During the course I quit a job that I hated, ended a relationship that was no longer serving me and became fully visible in my own coaching business. This work is powerful!”

Hannah Morgan
Coach & Podcaster

“I had never done an online program before. I am not usually a fan because I enjoy being face to face and having personal interactions. The Embodied Woman program had me curious enough to sign up… so I did, not knowing if I would like it. I am Soooo happy I did!! Jenna creates an online space that is open, loving, thoughtful, supportive and deeply interactive. This program shone a light on the woman I had forgotten and how nourishing it is to connect with other women.

This program has changed my life and my relationships…

I feel myself participating in life again…MOST of all I am enjoying being a Mother again because I am full of knowing that I am enough.”

Ellen Nicholas
Mother & Devotional Erotic Dance Teacher

When you enrol, you’ll receive…

  • Access to our private online membership area
  • 6 self-paced modules, delivered over 8 weeks
  • 18 x 15-20min training videos
  • 6 implementation guides
  • 6 gentle Primal Feminine Flow embodiment practices
  • Membership to our Facebook Community
  • Access to all the content for 2 years
  • The opportunity to join future live rounds of the program to go deeper (for free)
  • Plenty of bonuses (literally too many to mention here)

What sets this experience apart?

 It’s no secret there many experiences & trainings available to the modern woman. So here is what we believe (& what our students tell us) sets this experience apart…

  1. This works & it works LONG TERM
    Our community learns skills to last a lifetime. Women who experienced this program 2+ years ago are still writing to me attributing life changes (including marriages & new businesses!!) to the skills they learnt & embodied within this program. This program is designed to somatically integrate essential feminine life skills into your body. It will change how you operate INSIDE yourself, literally a gift to last a lifetime
  1. 100% Self Paced, with 0% Push
    Feminine principles are a MUST. Which means you’re free to move at a pace that suits your lifestyle AND you’ll have access to the program for 2+yrs to revisit & go deeper. No push-push-hustle-stress here.
  1. The experience is LIVE with a delicious community of women
    If you desire accountability, support, community & inspiration – We’ve got you covered. This is not some buy-it-and-good-luck kind of program. We’ll get to know you through our Facebook group & live calls with all the feedback and live connection you desire.
  1. You won’t find this anywhere else
    This program is unique. We’re not interested in drowning you in theory or 200+ page documents. This personal training about supporting you to EMBODY & embed these skills of emotional embodiment, sensual embodiment & magnetism in your life – taught by a woman who’s walked the path & embodied the wisdom herself (and taught hundreds of others to do the same).

But don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what some of our beautiful community members have to say…

– Diana Yates, Past Student

– Lyn Myers, Past Student

– Fran Lilburne, Past Student

“This program is absolutely amazing! As a closed up woman in many ways for a long long time, this has brought to light many aspects of how to be a more heart-felt,  driven person that I don’t know I could have ever achieved without doing this.

Jenna’s wisdom is so broad and is supportive in every way!

I had consciously and subconsciously been looking for ways to open myself up more, to more love, to more life, to more of myself, and this woman showed up in my life and completely changed my course and my way of thinking. And I also made some amazing new friends and mentors along the way within this program!”

Amanda Cotton

“This woman is amazing and inspirational. I was so refreshed by her approach and her loving kindness. I’d had a tough few years and was looking for something innovative to really inspire me onwards, and Jenna’s program, was exactly what I needed.

By week 2, I was getting comments from friends that I was glowing and my partner suggested whatever I was doing don’t stop. My posture, confidence and how I held myself in the world was totally enhanced.

This program is so unique because it will benefit women of all walks of life regardless of what they are currently experiencing, whether business or personal stuff, whether struggling or just wanting to hone your self-knowledge and direction. Thanks Jenna, you rock lady. To distant shores + questioning every single belief I had held as true.”

Natalie Hill

Ready to enroll?!


 Payment is in USD & includes 10% GST for Australian Residents. Read our full refunds policy here

PS. We want you to step into this experience feeling excited, confident
& perhaps a little curious about just what’s going to unfold….

But honestly – this experience isn’t for everyone. So a loving heads up there are 2 kinds of women who do not thrive in The Embodied Woman

#1 “I know this all already”

I hear this one from time to time (and I’ve even said it myself!)

But here is a BIG difference between knowing the theory & embodying the wisdom.

Embodiment is about living & breathing as your full feminine self.  If you know all this in “theory” but don’t yet somatically experience it day-in-day-out, then there is still more feminine potential for you to explore.


#2 I’m not willing to make the time

This experience does require you to show up – Because embodiment doesn’t happen if we don’t DO it.

Like learning to drive a car, if you’re ready to learn a new skill practice is required. But rest assured this we’ve factored in your busy life.

The program is self-paced, each of the practices, tools & training’s are short & potent AND you’ll find all the support you need – no matter what pace you move at. We’ve had new mothers, women juggling work & family, women traveling & everything in between – successfully & fabulously implement lasting change.


In short, if you are ready to learn & you can find 5min per day,
then join us!

A note from your guide, Jenna

Welcome – I’m Jenna Ward, creator of this program! Around 8 years ago I was realizing just how dis-embodied I was.
… I wanted to change jobs… But couldn’t figure out the how.
… I wanted to feel more sensuality… but it all just felt so fake.
… I desired deeper intimacy… but felt my heart was closed.
…. I was longing for More… more of LIFE.

And I had no idea what to do, or how to go about that desire. That was… until I began to realize it wasn’t about doing more, or fixing myself.
It was about feeling more deeply.

Enter Embodiment – a woman’s ability to inh abit her spectrum of sensation, emotions & energies fully and DEEPLY.Life shifted, dramatically, inside and out.

So I mapped the journey, shared it with some women I was working with. And realized how POWERFUL it was for all kinds of women, of different ages, races, abilities, bodies, shapes & sizes. EVERY woman I shared these embodied skills with became a radiant ALIVE woman. So after sharing these skills with over 100+ women from 19+ countries and counting, it’s safe to say I’m an absolute devotee to the power that every woman’s body is.

I’d be honored to support & guide you in your own explorations.


 Chat with us via the button below, email support@jennaward.co or check out these FAQs

+ When does the program start?

You’ll immediately receive access to our Private Members Area & your getting prepared activities as well as Module 1 once your registration is complete.

Modules are released every 1-2 weeks thereafter for a total of 8 weeks. The program will finish 8 weeks after your date of enrolment, but you’ll retain access to all the program content for 2 years and & private Facebook community for life!

+ What do we mean by “woman”? Is this program suitable for trans, non-binary, femme and/or people of fluid gender?

This program is designed to serve ‘women’. That is, any person identifying as an individual with an inherently feminine essence.

This program is suitable for, and welcomes, people who identify as trans, non-binary, femme or any other identity, if they feel the curriculum will be of service to their lives.

The reason our program centres around ‘women’ is because one key aspect of our exploration is reflecting on the ‘lie of feminine inferiority’. That is one of the central wounds and limitations preventing those people who identify as holding a feminine essence inhabiting their body fully and accessing the feminine qualities that reside there.

+ How is this different to other online programs I’ve done before?

More books and knowledge doesn’t make you wise, it just makes you smart. Which is why this program focuses on embodying the wisdom that already exists within you.

This transformation experience is a unique training in the art of embodiment + how to apply embodiment principles to your life immediately.

+ What is your refunds policy?

We understand you may be nervous & want the assurance of a refund ‘just in case’. So please know our entire team is committed to delivering the highest quality content AND support.

We will do everything in our power to make this a rich & powerful experience for you. And we know from our 100+ past students that this program delivers exactly what it promises.

This means all payments are non-refundable.

In the case of extenuating circumstances, you can absolutely be in touch to request a refund – But this isn’t a try & see if you want to buy kind of experience.

We are a community who are all in – for ourselves & for our desires. So if you make the commitment to join us – please make it with your full heart.

Please see terms and conditions to read our full policy.

+ How is the program delivered?

This program is delivered 100% online.

Upon enrolment you’ll receive login details to access all your videos, worksheets + audios via our private membership site, which you can access online or download & keep .

The program also includes call recordings. As well as a vibrant + intimate community of women coming together in our Private Facebook Group through the program.

+ I’m not sure I have the cash for this program. How can I justify this investment?

Investing in yourself is the single greatest investment you will ever make.

If you want something different, now is the time to commit. You are here because staying put, where you are right now, is costing you a lot more than the investment of this program. Staying put is costing you valuable time separated from the abundant life you are destined to live. You woman are destined for greatness – it already exists within you – if you choose to awaken it.

+ I’m not sure I have time to participate in the program...?

If you want something different, now is the time to step up. Being busy staying busy isn’t getting you the life you desire [and re-wiring your busy-ness is often part of the embodiment process].

This program is based in the feminine principle of ease & is designed to enable deep transformation without the hard work (because hard work just doesn’t work).

The program takes 1-2hours/week to dive into. Many women work through the program & finish it in 8-weeks, while others take their own time/pace and integrate the teachings over a longer period (which also has potent results)

You will also have access to the modules & community for two full years after enrolment, so it’s 100% flexible to fit your lifestyle.

+ When is the program running again?

The program runs live once per year, past students are invited to join this ‘live’ round which includes live Q&A Calls. But there’s no need to wait, you can access the program with the full support of Jenna and our lively community today.

“I am so grateful that I found you, Jenna and that I listened to that little voice inside that told me to join The Embodied Woman program. Your honesty, rawness and constant support allowed me to get in touch with myself again; to be truthful, vulnerable, open & connected.

The incredible program you have created as well as your passion, authenticity, beauty and wisdom are so inspiring. Thank you.”

Beth Cohen

“If there is one teaching that a woman should experience it is The Embodied Woman teaching. I feel a profound shift in how I relate and connect with myself and with others around me.

I experience life with so much more ease by practicing all the tools in this program.

Being an embodied woman is the only way for me to live my life. I don’t want it any other way”

Dian Rahmawati

“A true life saver.” 

As a result of this course I’ve cut toxic relationships out of my life AND don’t feel guilty about it! I’ve found ways to survive and thrive in stressful situations; and I have learnt not to get overwhelmed by negative emotions but instead feel them and ride through them. I feel I have reconnected with my “self” and am learning to forgive and love myself more and more each day which is bringing me a great deal of peace. Thank you for developing this course!

Rebecca Davidson

“My husband cannot stop staring at me with awe saying things like “My girl is back” and “Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop” and “I crave being in the same room as you”.

My journey of learning about myself has only just started, but gosh, it’s a wonderful realization to no longer worry about which ‘version’ of myself to present to the world … there are no versions, there is just me – the one, fundamental, me … and I like her! Thanks Jenna. You truly are a goddess sent to guide us goddesses in training.”

Denise Cox

I feel the practice was life-changing for me.

I can’t imagine this year, or the rest of myself without BEING in my BODY. It feels so delicious, good and truth to myself.  THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂 Love your work!

Eva Prudencio Vergara

Still have questions? 

We’d LOVE to help.
Chat with us via the button below or email support@jennaward.co & we’ll be back to you ASAP
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